Prenatal Services

I offer an in-home personalized breastfeeding class. This private class is tailored just for you. I teach mothers how to breastfeed, what to expect in the hospital and when you return home. Together, we will address any concerns you have and make a plan for after the baby is born. Preparing for your new arrival is overwhelming at times, and I aim to make learning how to breastfeed easy!

Price: $150


In-Home Consultation

This consultation is designed to ease your feeding worries. During an in-home consultation, I complete a comprehensive maternal, child and feeding assessment related to lactation. We go through every question you may have and I develop an individualized plan of care for you.  There is a lot of teaching and counseling during a consult and we work closely for the 2 weeks after. That's right! 

A consult comes with as much talk/text as you need for 2 weeks after our visit.  An in-home consultation lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours. Please have any supplies or accessories used handy (including your breast pump). 

Price: $200



Return to Work Consultation

The Return-To-Work Consultation is aimed at helping mothers prepare to go back to work. We discuss using a breast pump, bottle feeding a breastfed baby, ensuring a good milk supply and how to balance breastfeeding and pumping! We also cover safe milk handling, how to store breast milk and I give you all my pumping tips!

Price: $150


Professional Services

Milk & Honey offers a variety of services for the community. I offer Small and Large Group Breastfeeding Classes, Office Personnel Classes and classes for other healthcare personnel. Speaking engagements are available as well.

To inquire about professional services, please call 318-446-2007.